Friday, February 12, 2010

Bakesale SUCCESS!

That's right, bitches, a SUCCESS! When you have so many baked goods that you can't even fit them on one table and you run out of plates to serve stuff on, you know you've done something right. Oh, and we also made $233.56, by the way. Just thought you might want to know. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE dollars!

Thanks to everyone who baked up delish vegan baked goods and to everyone who forked over some cash to stuff their faces with cruelty-free awesomeness. This will definitely be happening again.

$2 3 3 ! ! ! ! For Haiti!!!!!!!

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!

Plus, how sexy is that epic cookie-serving face that I have on in the back right corner? (Thanks for the awesome pics, Shelley.)

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